Suitable for grades K-4, the Comic Construction Assembly and Lecture is an introduction to the medium of comics and graphic novels using a Construction Site Theme. We wear our construction outfits and guide students through the creation of a comics page, the construction of a character, and the life of a comic from script to press. The educational and entertaining performance encourages participation from the audience as we create the characters from a list of solicited characteristics and construct a full comics page with the aid of the students. Students learn the basics of comics mechanics, the basics of drawing from simple shapes, and creating a story with a beginning, middle, and ending. The assembly is best followed by workshops with smaller classroom sized groups, where students can put the principles they've learned into action by creating their own written and drawn pages. A proud participant in the Hartford Performs project.

Contact Matt Ryan for booking and questions. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 860.305.6621

The typical assembly runs for 45-55 minutes.

Free Lunch Studios Workshops

We facilitate workshops tailored to students of any grade-level.

Participants will learn to draw from life with a time honored gesture rendering exercise. In addition, we give a brief lesson on constructing the face and figure of a cartoon using simple shape techniques anyone can do.

We go through the theory of reading comics, and the processes the eyes and brain go through in analyzing the information presented by the pictures in sequence.

Students will then be tasked with creating characters and using them to construct a full page of a comic. They will use the knowledge of panel sequencing, word balloons, and other techniques from earlier in the workshop and create a finished comic story.

For the younger grades, Matt facilitates a drawing exercise called Mad Science cartooning, where students learn to draw animals of various types and mix and match characteristics of these creatures to create their own fantasy animals.

Lessons will focus on drawing from real life, creating stories with defined plot structures, and using the comics medium to create stories from the imagination.

The typical comics workshop lasts between 45-55 minutes.


Advanced Cartooning & Graphic Novel Writing

We have years of experience in bringing the tools of comics creation to their students. Whether specifically concentrating on illustration or scriptwriting for graphic novels or both, a program can be modified to suit any skill level, and help nurture an interest in the medium. Inquire about developing a schedule of visits to best suit the needs and desires of motivated students.

Contact Matt Ryan for booking and questions. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 860.305.6621

Comics Instruction

The graphic novel medium has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, as has the desire to use them in the curriculum. Free Lunch Studios offers a Professional Development presentation which brings teachers up to speed on the mechanics of reading and using comics in the classroom as well as trends in teaching and the resources available for lesson plans including graphic novels.

Teachers will get insight for using graphic novels as literature, as well as introducing graphic novels as a tool for literacy. An extensive bibliography and brief introduction to some of the classics of graphic novel literature will also be provided.

The Comics Instuction lecture runs for approximately 3 hours.