What is Free Lunch Comics?

Free Lunch Comics is an independant comic pubisher that was created in 1997. Its first product was a mini comic called BIGGER that ran for 15 issues. The first 7 minis were collected into a 48 page full size comic and distributed internationaly. The success of the one shot brought a four issue BIGGER limited series to follow. The next project from FLC was the DUNGEON DOWNLOADS printable terrain cd. This brought Free Lunch Comics to a new audience with another popular product. Since then, Free Lunch has continued to produce the products that they were known for, plus expand their titles to include new genres for various ages and interests.

What is The Free Lunch Studios?

Located in the The Tariffville Mill, Free Lunch Studios, 2 Tunxis Rd, STE 204, Tariffville CT. The Free Lunch Studios is a production studio as well as a art center where classes, workshops and special events are held.

What is the Free Lunch Studios Lecture Series?

From newspaper strips to superhero comic books, from webcomics to manga, the medium of comics and graphic novels has exploded in the last decade, and gained an acceptance both in the mainstream reading public and in educational environments.

Matt Ryan and Steve Kanaras conduct a series of lectures covering all phases of the creation of comics and graphic novels. Lectures include Comic Construction, a day in the life of comic creation (grades K - 12), Comic Instruction, a detailed lecture on incorporating comics into the classroom (professional development, and Mad Science Cartooning, a drawing animals experience with a creative twist (grades 1 - 4). The creators travel to many venues throughout the year, bringing their lectures to schools, libraries, and after-school programs throughout the area. They offer a variety of program levels to meet your needs and budget, from one on one tutoring up through schoolwide assemblies!

Weather Delays/Closing Notifications?

If Simsbury schools are closed, canceled or delayed so are we. These reports can be accessed by going to
WFSB's website  and finding Simsbury's announcements or calling us at 860.305.6621.

What is the Black Friday Comic Fest?

Every year, the Free Lunch Dept hosts The Black Friday Comic Fest where you can create your own comic story or comic strip and more! There is a comic movie marathon, a massive $1 comic sale and make your own sticky note comics workshop. The event runs from 12:30 to 4pm, every Black Friday! (*if staying for Drawing and Painting event ends at 6:30. add $20)

What is King Of The Monster Mountain?

King Of The Monster Mountain is a game created and designed by Matt Ryan that combines creativity and strategy. Players design their own critters and send them into battle! Every year, we host a special workshop the Saturday before Halloween. Matt Ryan teaches a special creature creation workshop for all in attendance and then the contest begins!

What is the Monday Night Jam?

Every Monday Night Since April 20th 2009! Monday nights from 6pm to 8:30pm, creators of all kinds from throughout CT and MA are welcome to drop in and work on their own projects at Free Lunch Studios. There you can get feedback from like-minded creators, portfolio reviews from professionals, be involved in a online tv show roundtable discussion and more.

What is the Comic Book Shuffle?

This is a two part challenge for writers and artists. The first part takes place in the Free Lunch Dept of The CES Design Studios where creators are randomly matched up and compete to complete a 5 page story in 6 HOURS! The second part takes place the following day at the Cliff's Con in Plainville CT where the works are judged by the people attending the show. Every attendee of the show will receive three votes that they can cast for their favorite team-up/story. The winning team is be awarded with a number of honors! All the stories are printed in The Shuffle Anthology.

Hosts for the competition are the creators of the event, Steve Kanaras, creator and writer of Only in Whispers, Matt Ryan, artist from Only in Whispers and Bigger and Rachael Meyer, designer and head of Comic Catering service.

What is the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge?

Every year, a gathering of dedicated indy comic creators gather in the Free Lunch Dept of the CES Design Studios, an authorized site for the challenge, to venture on the difficult quest of completing 24 pages of story in 24 hours. Participants start at 12 noon on Saturday and have to be done by noon the next day.